The Importance of Being Earnest by Gerald Barry

The Importance of Being Earnest by Gerald Barry

Northern Ireland Opera/Wide Open Opera, Oct/Nov 2013

“Visually and dramatically, (Antony) McDonald has realised (Gerald) Barry’s surreal operatic world with wonderful precision…musically it is all delivered with as much deftness and inexhaustible energy as the manic stage business” - The Guardian

“It’s hard to imagine a more colourful, witty and deliriously enjoyable staging than this” - The Sunday Times

“Vibrant colour, fun, freeze-frame lighting flashes and no dull moments…Antony McDonald makes it more than a visual treat: every choreographed movement adds to the integration of plot and music or enhances some of the absurdities…everyone rises to the occasion with hysterical results…a must-see production” - Irish Times

“Hugely, riotously engaging and an absolute must-see” - Belfast Telegraph

“Work of such uncompromising brilliance from a provincial UK company is, quite simply, astounding” - Opera Now

“There is undeniably some serious singing involved, with leaping, disjointed vocal lines that would put any virtuoso to the pin of their collar. The absurdness of Wilde’s characters is wonderfully complemented by the music. Soprano Aoife Miskelly’s astronomical high notes are impeccably delivered, but the hysterical character who voices them makes the audience laugh, especially when all she is saying is “I like his hair so much.” Eimear Hurley,

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